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CTA Webinar – The Cyber Threat Landscape: 2021 Was a Hell of a Ride – 2022 Isn’t Shaping Up Any Better

Join CTA and Radware as Neil, Daniel, and Pascal discuss the most significant threats and trends in the past, present and future. 2021 was a hell of a ride. Ransomware and supply chain attacks led to organizations getting hacked faster than security organizations could count. As organizations embraced a hybrid workplace VPN attacks increased 2000%. […]


CTA Webinar – SonicWall Capture Labs Perspective on 2021 Threat Landscape

With over a million security sensors around the world across more than 215 countries and territories, SonicWall has unique visibility into the evolution of the latest threats as well as their delivery mechanisms.  In this presentation we will discuss what SonicWall threat researchers observed in 2021 and offer our analysis on the latest trends in […]


CTA Webinar – What are the chances? A new metric for cybersecurity decisions

For many years, software or hardware vulnerabilities have received a “severity score,” a rating of how much damage the vulnerability could cause if malicious actors exploited it. However, this severity score does not provide defenders with a crucial piece of information – what is the likelihood that vulnerability will be exploited? Given limited resources, network […]


CTA Webinar – Talos Incident Response Year-in-Review for 2021

Join Neil Jenkins, Chief Analytic Officer @CTA, and Dave Liebenberg, Head of Strategic Analysis @Cisco Talos, as they discuss the Talos Incident Response Year-in-Review for 2021. This talk will explore the top threats, initial vectors, and major security incidents that Cisco Talos Incident Response (CTIR) dealt with in 2021. In addition, it provides some insight […]


CTA Webinar – Sharing Over the Long Run: Celebrating 5 Years of Enduring Collaboration

While some sharing organizations have already lasted for multiple decades, long-term collaborative efforts have not been as common in the cybersecurity industry as in other business areas. So the fact that the Cyber Threat Alliance is turning five years old this January represents a major milestone for the sector. Increasing collaboration while still competing fiercely […]


CTA Webinar – The Sophos 2022 Threat Report: Interrelated Threats Target an Interdependent World

Join Neil Jenkins, Chief Analytic Officer @CTA, and Andrew Brandt, Principal Researcher @Sophos, as they discuss insights from the Sophos 2022 Threat Report. In its year-end analysis of the trends that shaped the threat landscape in 2021, and are likely to continue forward in 2022, Sophos will highlight the key takeaways from its 2022 Threat […]


CTA Webinar – Understanding Cloud Native Supply Chain Attacks to Defend Against Them

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 cloud threat researchers wanted to understand how supply chain attacks occur in cloud-native applications. To gain insight into this growing threat, they analyzed data from a variety of public data sources around the world. Additionally, they executed a red team exercise at the request of a large SaaS provider against […]




CTA Webinar – Mind the Gap: Concept versus Reality in Cybersecurity

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are very different. Cybersecurity proves that aphorism true, as the gap between theoretically good cybersecurity and practical cybersecurity often seems enormous.   Join Jaya Baloo (Avast), Jen Ellis (Rapid 7), Wendi Whitmore (Palo Alto Networks), and Michael Daniel as they discuss how to “mind […]


CTA Webinar – Examining Public ICS/OT Exploits for Vulnerability Prioritization

Join CTA and Dragos as we discuss public ICS/OT exploits for vulnerability prioritization with Jacob Baines, Principal Industrial Control Vulnerability Analyst @Dragos, and Neil Jenkins, Chief Analytic Officer @Cyber Threat Alliance. Dragos tracks thousands of CVE that affect industrial control systems and operational technology networks. Of these CVE, more than 400 have publicly available exploits. […]

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