Cyber Threat Alliance Fireside Chat: The Road Not Taken: Why Routing Security Matters

Join us for a CTA Fireside Chat, The Road Not Taken: Why Routing Security Matters 


Most people do not think very much about how information flows across the Internet.  It just seems to work.  However, the process of “routing” or determining the paths information will use is managed by several fundamental protocols.  One of those protocols, called the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), has very little security built into it.  As a result, bad actors are able to abuse this protocol to misroute traffic, allowing them to conduct espionage or commit cybercrime.  Improving BGP security would substantially improve the Internet’s overall security.  On this webinar, we will discuss some steps the telecommunications and cybersecurity communities are taking to improve BGP security and where we need to go in the future.

WEBCAST DATE: July 30, 2020

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Author: Jeannette Jarvis

As our Executive for Partnerships and Communications, Jeannette is responsible for CTA’s partnerships, branding, and communications efforts. Jeannette has worked in cybersecurity for 25 years, previously holding various senior leadership positions, including Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet and Director of Product Management at McAfee and Intel Security. She also served in leadership roles at Microsoft and Boeing. Jeannette is on the advisory board for Virus Bulletin, an international organization covering the global threat landscape.