CTA Webinar – Understanding cloud native supply chain attacks to defend against them

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 cloud threat researchers wanted to understand how supply chain attacks occur in cloud-native applications. To gain insight into this growing threat, they analyzed data from a variety of public data sources around the world. Additionally, they executed a red team exercise at the request of a large SaaS provider against their cloud-based software development environment.

Unit 42’s findings indicate that many organizations still have a long way to go in achieving supply chain security in the cloud. Join Matt Chiodi, Chief Security Officer of Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, along with Neil Jenkins, Chief Analytic Officer, Cyber Threat Alliance to learn how supply chain attacks in the cloud can occur and provide actionable recommendations organizations can adopt to protect their cloud-native supply chains.


Webinar Speakers

Neil Jenkins (Chief Analytic Officer @Cyber Threat Alliance)

Neil leads the CTA’s analytic efforts, focusing on the development of threat profiles, adversary playbooks, and other analysis using the threat intelligence in the CTA Platform. Previously, he served in various roles within the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Center for Naval Analyses, where he spearheaded numerous initiatives tied to cybersecurity strategy, policy, and operational planning for both the public and private sectors.

Matt Chiodi (Chief Security Officer of Public Cloud @Palo Alto Networks)

Matt Chiodi has over two decades of security leadership experience and is currently the Chief Security Officer of Public Cloud at Palo Alto Networks. He is a frequent blogger, podcaster, and speaker at industry events such as RSA. He currently leads the Unit 42 Cloud Threat team which is an elite group of security researchers exclusively focused on public cloud concerns. He is also on faculty at IANS Research.

Event Date November 9, 2021
Headshot of Kate Holseberg.

Author: Kate Holseberg

Kate is responsible for establishing programs and initiatives to support the CTA’s mission, as well as supporting and building the CTA membership and community. Prior to joining the CTA, Kate served for 10+ years in a variety of roles as a private sector consultant.