• Keeping the House Safe: How Collaboration with CTA Makes It Possible

    By Mounir Hahad, Head of Juniper Threat Labs, Juniper Networks   Cybersecurity is such a vast and complicated space that it is nearly impossible to defend all of your customers from all of the potential threats bad actors are creating and modifying to attack a network without help from third parties. For virtually all organizations,… View Article
  • CTA: The Value of Collaboration…

    BY SCILABS TEAM The story… It appeared that it would be a quiet Friday for our Incident Response Team; it was almost the end of the day, time to rest, suddenly the phone rang… “We need your help; a key customer is having an incident.” From then on and during the following hours, we were… View Article
  • CTA: Growing and Maturing Through Collaboration

    BY JEREMY NICHOLS, DIRECTOR, INTELLIGENCE FUSION & ANALYTICS CTA: Growing and Maturing Through Collaboration CTA membership has allowed the NTT Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) to continue to mature our research, threat hunting and intelligence dissemination processes through automated and manual intelligence sharing between members. We’ve been busy migrating to the CTA’s new technical intelligence… View Article