• What Does 100 Million Get You?

    On September 9th, CTA reached a major milestone for our automated sharing program. Since our founding as an independent non-profit in 2017, CTA member companies have shared over 100 million cyber threat observables. Although it may seem banal in some ways, this simple statistic represents an enormous accomplishment in its own right. It is also… View Article
  • CTA Intern Retrospective: Trust and the Viability of Collective Action in the Digital Age

    Over the past two years, as I have worked towards a graduate degree focused on cybersecurity and digital policy at Stanford University, the variety and seeming intractability of numerous collective action problems in this broad domain has been a consistent curricular theme. However, interning at the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) during the last year has… View Article
  • The Key Ingredient of CTA? Trust.

    “The relationships I and my team have built with the people in other members’ intelligence teams was an unexpected benefit. CTA has enabled us to collaborate within a trusted environment and build independent relationships that make that collaboration even more effective.” – Ryan Olson, Vice President Threat Intelligence (Unit 42), Palo Alto Networks Building a… View Article