• Are You Ready for the Evolution of Ransomware?

    Ransomware once again posed a major threat in 2017, as cyber criminals continued to demonstrate just how effective a tool it is to make money. But 2017 also saw ransomware evolve, as malicious actors combined ransomware with self-propagating worms with the intent to damage data and systems instead of just seeking ransom demands. This new… View Article
  • Join CTA to Make the Internet a Safer Place

    The year has been marked by increasing cybercrime, numerous major global cyber attacks, and steadily rising risk to our critical infrastructure. Industry experts know these trends will only continue to worsen. Never has the need been greater for cybersecurity leaders to join forces to mitigate the major risks that malicious cyber activity poses to every… View Article
  • You Must Give to Receive: How Sharing Can Prevent the Next Big Attack

    It’s time for the cybersecurity industry to stop talking about information sharing.   Before you get out the flamethrowers, though, let me add – it’s time for the cybersecurity industry to start doing information sharing. More specifically, the industry needs to share threat intelligence at speed and at scale.   This fundamental idea drives CTA’s… View Article