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CTA News

Happy 6th Birthday, Cyber Threat Alliance!

By Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist & VP Global Threat Intelligence, Fortinet Inception It has been six whole years since the official launch of the CTA, and two more in practice as the dream was built. And what a fantastic journey it has been over the racing course of time. I’m proud to say I […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Joe Chen, Symantec Broadcom

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Joe Chen, VP Engineering, Symantec Broadcom As a Cyber Threat Alliance founding member and one of the largest industry threat intelligence contributors, Symantec Enterprise, a division of Broadcom, still believes in the CTA mission and responsibility. Only when the cyber industry works together can we improve cybersecurity across the global […]

CTA News

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2023 

By Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO Yogi Berra once said, “It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  That’s true unless you are making predictions about cyber threats. In that case, you can simply say that tomorrow will be worse than today, and you will almost certainly be correct.  However, such predictions aren’t […]

The Industry

Walking the Talk: Practical Steps to Enhance Diversity

By Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO, and Monica Ruiz, Program Manager/ Digital Diplomacy Strategist at Microsoft As cybersecurity practitioners, we strongly support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Diversity in the cybersecurity field, and in the national security realm more broadly, is not where it needs to be. This statement is both normative and […]

The Industry

Proposing a Cyber Incident Reporting Framework 

By Michael Daniel, CTA President & CEO, and Megan Stifel, Chief Strategy Officer for the Institute for Security and Technology Over the past decade, the cyber threat has grown worse. Yet we do not know how much worse the problem has become. What is the overall rate of incidents? How fast is that rate increasing? […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Jaya Baloo, Avast

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Jaya Baloo, CISO, Avast What inspired you to not only join, but also to help lead CTA? I was very inspired by the mission of CTA, because it’s so important that defenders cooperate. The best way to do that is to share rich and unique intelligence that can be enriched […]

Best Practices

Get to Know PAUL B and Stay Secure in 2022

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest hot topics both inside and outside of technology circles over the last two years. From securing learning devices due to a rise in digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, to coping with the fallout of high-profile breaches of national infrastructure such as the Colonial Pipeline, there is a […]

CTA News

Why Gen-Z Cares About the Future of Information Sharing

After hearing the buzzword of “information sharing” throughout my education, my summer internship with the Cyber Threat Alliance has shown me how we make this term a reality through facilitating threat intelligence sharing between private companies. As an undergraduate student at Stanford University studying Computer Science and Political Science, I’ve had the chance to discuss […]

CTA News

Cyber Threat Alliance Thriving in 2022

As I write this blog, we’re a little over halfway through 2022.  This year has certainly produced some significant surprises – several of which fall into the “what didn’t happen” category. Regardless, though, CTA continues its work to enable members to better protect their customers, aid in the disruption of malicious actors, and raise the […]

Member Spotlight

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Lee Klarich, Palo Alto Networks

CTA Board of Directors Spotlight: Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer, Palo Alto Networks What inspired you to found CTA? The threat intelligence information gleaned by threat researchers is invaluable to defending against cyberthreats, and ultimately, it’s our belief that the cybersecurity industry shouldn’t compete on what threat intelligence we all have access to, but on […]

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