CTA’s New Platform Sets the Standard

Since the founding of CTA, our automated threat intelligence sharing platform has been the beating heart of our day-to-day mission. We are delighted to announce that our most significant update to that platform to-date, code-named Project Magellan, is now complete.
Our diverse and growing membership (25 companies as of January 2020) contributes millions of curated observables each month to the platform, as well as relevant context for our members to leverage in their work. These submissions are assessed via a scoring algorithm that awards points based on the timeliness and desirability of that data among CTA’s membership. Members must reach a certain average daily points value on a week-to-week basis in order to remain in good standing with CTA and retain access to the pooled data.
With CTA’s third birthday fading slowly into the rear-view, we wanted to offer an update on some recent, exciting changes to our platform. Our original platform was a cutting-edge service at the time of CTA’s inception. However, we always knew that the pace of change in the industry and membership growth would ultimately necessitate a comprehensive update.
‘Project Magellan’ was the most significant update in our automated sharing platform to-date and is now complete. This project was a comprehensive, ground-up redevelopment of the sharing infrastructure and standard data format, taking advantage of advanced scaling capabilities. CTA members have begun to transition their submissions to this new environment, a process that will be completed in the coming weeks.
There were a number of considerations motivating this overhaul. To maximize the value of CTA membership, we felt that our platform needed to be more efficient, easier to use, and more rapidly updatable in light of members’ changing needs and the evolving challenges of the cybersecurity landscape.
In combination with an updated scoring algorithm designed to improve data quality, CTA’s platform now has the adaptability, ease-of-use, and analytic potential essential to tackle threats as they emerge. We are certain these changes will encourage members to participate in the CTA mission at a level well-beyond the minimum required level and empower members’ efforts to protect their customers from malicious activity.
If you’re interested in working with us and taking our new sharing platform out for a spin, we encourage you to contact us and inquire about membership.

Author: Jason Minnick